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PA Property Tax Relief Act:
The Property Tax/Rent Rebate program benefits eligible Pennsylvanians age 65 and older; widows and widowers age 50 and older; and people with disabilities age 18 and older. The program expansion increased the income limit from $15,000 to $35,000 (which excludes half of Social Security income) for homeowners and raises the maximum rebate for both homeowners and renters from $500 to $650. The income limit for renters is $15,000.
The deadline to apply for a rebate on property taxes or rent paid in 2012 is April 30, 2013. If you received or qualified for a Property Tax/Rent Rebate within the past year, you should automatically receive an application in the mail.
If you did not receive a rebate this past year on property taxes or rent paid in 2011 but think you may qualify to receive a rebate in 2012, you may download the form from this site when it becomes available in February.
For Property Tax/Rent Rebate questions, you may call 888-222-9190.

See link for more information:

ACT 1: Homestead/Farmstead Exclusion:

District residents who live in owner-occupied properties can apply for property tax relief. Relief is not applicable for rental properties or business properties.

Bucks County Board of Assessment office
55 East Court Street
Doylestown, PA 18901

See link for more information:

Act 319 (aka “clean & green”)–is for agriculture or forestry (10 or more acres).

See link for more information:

Act 153: Open Space Lands Act:

Article in Intelligencer (4/10/12):

See link for more information:

“Disabled Veterans Real Estate Tax Exemption Program”:

Purpose: To provide real estate tax exemption for any honorably discharged veteran who is 100% disabled, a resident of the Commonwealth and has financial need.
Contact the Bucks County Veterans Affairs Director to apply for this program:

Dan Fraley, Director: 215-345-3307
Betty Carleo – Veteran’s Aide: 215-345-3885

Neshaminy Manor Center
Building K
Route 611 and Almhouse Road
Doylestown, PA 18901

See link for more information:


Bucks County Area Agency on Aging
30 East Oakland Avenue
Doylestown, PA 18901

The Revenue Web site, is a helpful resource for tax forms, information and commonly asked questions. Personal assistance is available from Revenue District Offices, listed in the blue pages of local telephone directories, and the personal income tax call center at 717-787-8201.


My Personal Motto


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(aka “CHIDE”) 🙂



Please contact me (e-mail is preferred):

Or by telephone:  610-982-9789

Fee:  $30

Tax Collection (Part 3)

     DISCOUNT:  March 1 through April 30
     FACE:  May 1 through June 30
     PENALTY:  July 1 through December 31
     DISCOUNT:  July 1 through August 31
     FACE:  September 1 through October 31
     PENALTY:  November 1 through December 31
If the due date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday
(PA or US), payment may be considered timely if it is tendered
or postmarked on the next business day.



TAX COLLECTOR:    Peter K. Rosswaag

TELEPHONE:                        610-982-9789



OFFICE HOURS:       Last two weeks of DISCOUNT (April & August of each year)

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings

9 a.m. to noon

1774 River Road

Upper Black Eddy, PA 18972-9417

OTHER HOURS:       Please call ahead for an appointment.

SPECIAL NEEDS:     Will be accommodated.

PAYMENT OPTIONS:           Personal check to:

Peter K. Rosswaag, Tax Collector

POB 22

Upper Black Eddy, PA 18972-9417

You may also pay by credit card (three percent fee) or e-check ($3.00 fee) at or call 800-272-9829.  Use Jurisdiction Code 7838.

Note:   Fees are imposed by Official Payments for the use of this option.

Preferred Method of Payment:
The preferred method of paying your real estate tax is via personal check, forwarded to:
     Peter K. Rosswaag, POB 22, Upper Black Eddy, PA 18972
IF you want a receipted copy of your tax bill, please:
     1)  Return BOTH copies of your tax bill; and
     2)  Enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope.
Multiple Parcels:
You may combine your tax payments for multiple parcels and forward a single check.
     Exception:  see below (“Co-mingled Funds”).
Co-mingled Funds:
Please prepare and forward SEPARATE checks for county/township vs. school taxes.
     Checks are deposited into two separate bank accounts.
Escrow Accounts:
If a bank or mortgage company escrows your taxes, please forward your bill to them immediately.
     I will also forward a copy of your bill IF so requested by your bank or mortage company.
“Timely Payment” means:
A payment must be received, or postmarked, on or before the due date(s) found on your bill.
After December 15:
If paying after December 15th, no personal checks may be accepted.
     Please forward an official bank check or money order.
After December 31 (deadline):
A tax collector has no authority to accept payments after December 31st of each year.
     After December 31st, payment arrangements must be made as follows:
     1)  County/township bills:  contact Bucks County, Tax Claim Bureau:  215-348-6276; and/or
     2)  School bills:  contact Portnoff Law Associates:  866-211-9466.
Please scrutinize your check!  Please include your parcel number on the “memo” line.
The most common errors on a personal check:
     1)  The written amount does not match the numerical amount.
     2)  No signature!
     3)  Undated or post-dated checks.  Please do not ask me to “hold” your check.
Homestead/Farmstead Information:  County of Bucks / Board of Assessment:  215-348-6219
PA Property Tax Relief:  888-222-9190
Bucks County Board of Assessment:  215-348-6231
Tax Collector:  Peter K. Rosswaag:  610-982-9789
You may also pay your real estate tax bill by choosing an electronic payment method.
Payment Options:
Secure website of Official Payments Corporation:
Telephone:  1-800-272-9829
You will need the following:
Parcel number;
Item number;
Total tax being paid;
Telephone number; and
Jurisdiction code:  #7838
FEES are imposed (by Official Payments) for the use of this service.
Fees are as follows:
E-CHECK:  $3
TELEPHONE:  same fees apply:  1-800-272-9829
IF you want a receipted copy of your tax bill, please:
     1)  Forward BOTH copies of your tax bill; and
     2)  Enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope.  Forward to:
     Peter K. Rosswaag, Tax Collector
     POB 22
     Upper Black Eddy, PA 18972

2013 Millage Rates

Bucks County: 23.2
Bridgeton Township: 6
Palisades: Unknown

Bucks County and Bridgeton Township: same millage rates as last year, 23.2000 and 6.000, respectively.

This means your 2013 County/Township real estate tax bill, effective March 1, 2013, will be the same as last year (assuming your assessment has not changed).

A mill is a tax of $1 on every $1,000 of a property’s assessed value.  To estimate the “face” amount of your tax bill, multiply the assessed value of your property times the respective millage rate & divide by 1,000.

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