Real Estate Tax Collection

Tax Collection 101 (Part 1)

Preferred Method of Payment:
The preferred method of paying your real estate tax is via personal check, forwarded to:
     Peter K. Rosswaag, POB 22, Upper Black Eddy, PA 18972
IF you want a receipted copy of your tax bill, please:
     1)  Return BOTH copies of your tax bill; and
     2)  Enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope.
Multiple Parcels:
You may combine your tax payments for multiple parcels and forward a single check.
     Exception:  see below (“Co-mingled Funds”).
Co-mingled Funds:
Please prepare and forward SEPARATE checks for county/township vs. school taxes.
     Checks are deposited into two separate bank accounts.
Escrow Accounts:
If a bank or mortgage company escrows your taxes, please forward your bill to them immediately.
     I will also forward a copy of your bill IF so requested by your bank or mortage company.
“Timely Payment” means:
A payment must be received, or postmarked, on or before the due date(s) found on your bill.
After December 15:
If paying after December 15th, no personal checks may be accepted.
     Please forward an official bank check or money order.
After December 31 (deadline):
A tax collector has no authority to accept payments after December 31st of each year.
     After December 31st, payment arrangements must be made as follows:
     1)  County/township bills:  contact Bucks County, Tax Claim Bureau:  215-348-6276; and/or
     2)  School bills:  contact Portnoff Law Associates:  866-211-9466.
Please scrutinize your check!  Please include your parcel number on the “memo” line.
The most common errors on a personal check:
     1)  The written amount does not match the numerical amount.
     2)  No signature!
     3)  Undated or post-dated checks.  Please do not ask me to “hold” your check.
Homestead/Farmstead Information:  County of Bucks / Board of Assessment:  215-348-6219
PA Property Tax Relief:  888-222-9190
Bucks County Board of Assessment:  215-348-6231
Tax Collector:  Peter K. Rosswaag:  610-982-9789

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